I'm Ernesto. I'm a Computer Scientist/Software Engineer living in São Paulo, Brazil. I got a MSc and a Ph.D in computer science during my time at DIMAp/UFRN (and HHU for almost a year). During my time in academia I did research on software testing and formal methods.

I'm currently working as Software Engineer at Loggi trying to reinvent logistics through technology.


BETA: stands for B basEd Testing Approach. It is a tool-supported approach, based on the B-Method formal notation, to generate test cases. It uses restrictions described on a B model, such as invariants, preconditions and conditional statements, to create unit tests for an operation. You can read more about BETA on my Ph.D thesis and on the tool's website. You can find the tool's code here.

WAAT: my undergrad final project. An Eclipse plugin used to generate functional tests for web applications. The tests were automatically generated from requirements written using a controlled natural language. I implemented the language's parser using ANTLR. The tests were written and executed using Selenium. You can find the code here.